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The need for imigration refom Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The need for imigration refom - Research Paper Example From the findings of the analysis carried out in the paper, it has been viewed that the aspect of rapid illegal immigration has been the cause of various illegal activities in the nations. Additionally, it has also been determined that reform in the current immigration policies would not only facilitate in decreasing the illegal activities but would also aid in developing an environment that would be safe for both the civilians and immigrants who migrate legally from other nations either for professional or academic purpose. Introduction The facet of immigration plays a vital role for every nation as it not only involves financial benefits but also aids in developing the country technologically and culturally among other aspects. In general, immigration is the process through which the people belonging to a particular nation move to another country owing to economic, political, natural disaster or other factors. With the advent of globalization and the increasing literacy rate, peopl e tend to emigrate from their home country to another nation because of the need to progress their professional or academic life. ... However, in recent years it has often been viewed that the lure of reaching the land of American dreams has propagated many individuals to tread the forbidden path of illegal immigration. Subsequently, in the act of immigration, people who belong to different terrorist groups move to the country either legally or illegal and cause great harm to the citizens. This has given rise to the debate amid many political critics to implement strategies and policies that would help in reforming the immigration policies effectively along with helping to maintain a safe place for the civilians to live in (U.S Department of Homeland Security, 2012; Library of Congress, n.d.). The purpose of the paper is to depict the need for immigration reform which allows legal immigration in the United States, while enabling to protect the nation from the people of groups that aim at causing it harm. Discussion History of Immigration in the United States The aspect of immigration in the United States can be div ided into four major parts. From the Colonial era to 1880, most of immigrants came from northern part of Europe especially from countries such as England, Germany and Ireland. It is worth mentioning that the Africans were also brought in America in this period through salve trade and Chinese began migrating towards the end of this period. The second period started from 1880 and ended in 1920. In this era, people especially from the southern and eastern part of Europe especially from countries such as Italy, Russia immigrated in America. The third wave of immigration can be categorized during the World War I targeting Asians, southern and eastern Europeans to strengthen the military force of the country. And, the fourth ended after the conclusion of the World War II. The Immigration

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