Monday, November 18, 2019

Global Financial Crisis Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Global Financial Crisis - Article Example The article further claims that financials problem could be avoided if people could have adopted the current economic models. Depending on the article's argument, financials problems have been brought about by people negligence. States have been neglecting the economic models which can help in resolving the economy. Currently, most of the states depend on others in order to get enough supply of goods and services. Many, countries have their foreign policy which governs their relationship with other states. The lack of an international organization to bring about a general foreign policy to govern all states as led to the lack of corporation in terms of international business. Conflict exists between some states, and this makes it difficult for the international business to take place. Due to increasing level of transnational and globalization activities countries needs to interact and share business difficult importation and exportation of products. The article states that the proble m will affect the livelihood of people in all corners of the world, and this is because people move to other states to seek employment and perform business. When one country is affected, it means that the whole world will be affected (Shah 2013). It is true that I am persuaded by the reading in this article because I have seen it happening. From the time to time, foreign currencies change their market status from being stable to unstable and vice versa (Shah 2013). The level of globalization has increased and without inclusion of the current economic model a country’s economy can decline. Those economic models which could have prevented financials crisis include qualitative models, stochastic and non-stochastic model.  

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