Thursday, November 21, 2019

Olympic Games in London 2012 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Olympic Games in London 2012 - Term Paper Example LOCOG has conducted a number of pilot tests prior to the official launch of the event and those were focused to ensure that the general public transport and working routine does not get affected by the event. For this purpose walking tracks have been established that would lead to the sports park and would avoid large lanes of traffic in form of visitors visiting the place. Manuals and city maps are being spread online and at the local level. The Daily Telegraph reported a large number of bookings from the visitors in advance who are bound to visit the city during the event. For the entire purpose London Transport Plan ( 2nd edition) was released in 2009 which took into consideration factors like passengers routes, visitors stay, businesses and motels handling and all other factors that were necessary to be taken into account (LOCOG, 2010). The entire project was split into various sections that lasted for a particular period.Between 2007 and 2011 the development process was named as â€Å"Building the stage† which included establishing the infrastructure of the entire event taking into consideration all the variables involved. (LOCOG, 2012) while the second part (2011 onwards plan) constituted the final touches and enabling the successful organization of the event. The internal environment includes the gigantic sports stadium arena termed the Sports park can accommodate over 80 thousand spectators at one time. It is the first Olympic even that will be HD-TV supported. It has a separate broadcast center that will have the capacity for over 20 thousand media representatives. For ensuring error proof performance and event organization, a number of pilot events were organized in a bid to analyze the level of preparation. The management team needs to facilitate not just the organizers and media person but the athletes as well. For this purpose effective strategy has been devised that will meet the needs. The Risk factor consideration is also taken into account and impact of various issues on the mega event. LOCOG board has established a panel for this purpose that involves the active participation of senior management for mitigating the risks.

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