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Compare kennedy and johnson Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Compare kennedy and johnson - Research Paper Example However, the idealism that sprouted up amongst the enthusiastic American youth during 1960s eventually turned into a large rebellion. Thus, the decade, although started with high hopes, ended with the horrors of division and disappointment. A comparison between the policies of President Kennedy and President Johnson reveals the similarities and differences that led to their popularity with the masses. John F. Kennedy won presidency over Richard Nixon in the year 1960. He assured a new set of domestic reforms called 'New Frontier' for America that would cover reforms not only at home but also the victory in cold war. However, despite successfully creating his image as an intelligent and energetic leader, he faced legislative failures at the outset of his presidency. On the other hand, he managed to be triumphant in the approval of tariff reductions to promote economic growth in the country. He is mostly remembered for his efforts regarding tax cuts in the economic arena. However, his plans to increase federal aid in the field of education, medical care and urban renewal did not get accomplished. He became the president when the cold war was at its height. Thus, foreign policy initiatives occupy the maximum part of his agenda. John Kennedy succeeded in making himself the central focus of the entire nation and that is quite evident from the reaction of American citizens to his cold blooded murder in 1963. Lyndon Johnson followed John F. Kennedy as the US president. The events leading to the assassination of President Kennedy landed him in the white house. His presidency is marked by the expansion in the roles of federal government. He set to complete the unfinished work of President Kennedy’s New Frontier by constructing his own outstanding reform program which was ultimately called the Great Society. He accumulated the largest reform agenda since the time of Roosevelt’s New Deal. He, later on, won the elections of 1964. This indicated that he had no t just inherited White House but he had actually attained it through his policies and hard work. His government took several steps for the creation of social welfare programs in order to eradicate poverty from the American Society. The most prominent program was called as Medicare, aimed to help the elderly with their medical expenses. His policies regarding the revival of the decaying cities and schools, development of mass-transit system and the subsidization of middle-income housing mark the height of his era. In an attempt to ensure racial equality, President Johnson abolished the national origins systems that gave preference to immigrants from northern Europe over those belonging to the other parts of the world apart from Europe. Both, John F. Kennedy and Johnson were extremely skilled politicians. Kennedy, on one hand, appeared polished and well-educated while, Johnson, on the other hand, was brash and straightforward. Kennedy’s reluctance in politics was outweighed by the Johnson’s accomplishments, thereby making President Johnson’ more successful in pushing his policies through the congress. However, the events in Southeast Asia started to eclipse Johnson’s achievements regarding domestic reforms. The funds meant for the war on poverty were, instead, directed towards the war in Vietnam. By the year 1969, President Johnson’s hopes regarding domest

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