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Health Disparity Of HIV And AIDS Analysis - 933 Words

The health disparity of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment within Calcasieu Parish can be extrapolated from the state’s fifth region’s data provided by the Department of Health and Human Services of Louisiana. Region Five consists of Calcasieu, Allen, Beauregard, Cameron, and Jefferson Davis parish. According to data provided by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals’ Office of Public Health (LDHH, 2016), 45 individuals were newly diagnosed with HIV and 22 were newly diagnosed with AIDS. Looking at the demographic data, the majority of these new cases consisted of African-American men who have sex with men. What is notable about these new cases is that ethnically, the new HIV cases were almost equal between African-American and†¦show more content†¦One assesses multiple interventions, media, and options for information dissemination, finding the best practices in community health, and identifying community and cohort factors that influence accep tance and reception of information. Involving the community stakeholders helps this process by providing insight into an unfamiliar culture. After narrowing down the interventions to the ones identified as the best by both academic and community stakeholders, the preventive and treatment program is culturally adapted and integrated by considering the cohort’s preferred language and literacy, as well as their values and need for accessibility. Then, community support organizations are identified to assist with accessibility and dissemination of supportive information, and the interventions are performed. Finally evaluation of this strategy is performed and altered accordingly to further increase accessibility, knowledge, and support for the cohort experiencing health disparity (Nà ¡poles et al., 2013). This could be done in Calcasieu parish with several interventions, such as providing brochures and posters with contact information of local and free testing centers and counse ling centers for those who are HIV/AIDS positive in areas frequented by African-American men who have sex with men, such as in bathroom stalls of gay entertainment establishments. These establishments are a part of the community stakeholders. Collaborating with them to create a positive, caring, andShow MoreRelatedA Policy Regarding Women and HIV/AIDS: An Evaluation, Analysis, and Revision1557 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿WOMEN WITH HIV/AIDS HOW A TOPIC BECOMES A POLICY INTRODUCTION The women health is a subject of global interest. People and organizations round the world have realized that the health of a woman means the health of a family. Thus efforts are made to make policy regarding women and HIV/AIDS. A prior paper in this regard has discussed formulation, legislation and implementation of the policy and this is a sequel discussing the evaluation, analysis and revision stags of the policy making in thisRead MoreCenters For Disease Control And Prevention Essay753 Words   |  4 PagesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC-Funded HIV Testing: United, States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Atlanta, Georgia 2014. An 85-page, 2014, Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued guidelines for HIV funding and testing. The document highlights the steps that organizations proving HIV testing and services must follow, upon receiving a positive HIV test results. This process includes uniting medical and social aspects of HIV care for the patient by providing referrals to partnerRead MoreThe World Health Organizations Role in Fighting HIV/AIDS702 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduction Discussions about HIV/AIDS have changed radically since the disease was first identified in the early 1980s. As physicians and public health workers developed a fundamental understanding of the disease and discovered ways to ameliorate its devastating effects, HIV/AIDS victims coupled hope for recovery with changed lifestyles at least in some socioeconomic sectors (Lane, et al., 2004). At backward looking analysis reveals that he incidence and survival rates of HIV/AIDS continue to be solidlyRead MoreCenters For Disease Control And Prevention Essay735 Words   |  3 PagesDisease Control and Prevention. CDC-Funded HIV Testing: United, States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Atlanta, Georgia 2014. An 85-page HIV funding and testing guideline issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2014. The document highlights the steps that organizations providing HIV testing and services must follow, upon receiving a HIV positive test result. This process includes uniting the medical and social aspects of HIV care for patients. The document also providesRead MoreThe Hot Zone By Richard Preston Essay1498 Words   |  6 PagesModel Congress in high school where I first learned about public health. Participants made mock congressional bills to be passed in a congress comprised of high school and college students in order to implement a national change. My mock bill advocated for the incorporation of HIV tests within annual physicals. The purpose of this bill was to ensure that more people became knowledgeable about their status and with this knowledge, HIV positive individuals can receive care faster and take proactiveRead MoreThe Epidemic Of Hiv / Aids Essay1607 Words   |  7 Pagesemerged as global health crisis, which in 1982, was formally identified as acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Another two years would pass before scientists were able to isolate the retrovirus that causes AIDS, which in 1984 was termed human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV). Although a successful discovery, in the absence of a proven treatment, HIV and AIDS had free rein in which to leave in its wake a global path of fear, illness, and death. To understand the totality of HIV/AIDS, consider theRead MoreThe Patient Protection Affordable Care Act Essay1476 Words   |  6 Pagesimproving outcomes and reducing cost. Health disparities in the U.S. range from HIV/ Aids to obesity. The minority population typically has a disproportional burden of the HIV/ Aids epidemic ( Wetle Scanlan 2013). Disparities in healthcare are among the lines of access to care, treatment, preventive measures, and medicine. Several research projects were used to examine how ones race, n eighborhood, or social classes affect their quality of care, and health outcomes ( Wetle Scanlan , 2013). ItRead MoreNIH Research Project Grant Program Essay843 Words   |  4 PagesFocus: Health education and prevention of HIV/AIDS in the LGBTI community on college campuses in Washington, DC 1. Community Needs a. Describe valid funding source and justification for how the program plan meets the requirements of the grant The funding source is an NIH Research Project Grant Program (R01). An R01 grant provides support for up to 5 years and a modular budget format allows to request up to $250,000 per year in direct costs. This provided support for health-related researchRead MoreDeveloping A Health Advocacy Campaign846 Words   |  4 PagesDeveloping a Health Advocacy Campaign Living a long, thriving and healthy life is a vision many Americans strive to make into a reality. Unfortunately, HIV/AIDS epidemic has deprived many people of this dream. HIV/AIDS is one of the worlds’ most serious and the deadliest diseases and a $30.4 billion drain on healthcare cost in the United States, and of this figures’ 57% is appropriated for routine care, 10% for housing and social support assistance, 9% for research and 22% for global assistanceRead MoreAids : Hiv / Aids Essay1330 Words   |  6 PagesLauren Kennedy United States HIV/AIDS Part 1: Background of Topic: What became later known as aids was detected in West Africa when scientists identified a species of chimpanzees that had a version of this virus in their immune system. They later found out that the disease was transmitted to humans and created into HIV when people hunted these animals for food and came in contact with their infected blood. Decade after decade this illness swooped over Africa like a blanket and began to spread to

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